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Friendly, fun and loyal Doggy Walkies and Daycare Services in Surrey and the surrounding areas. 

We are passionate about animal welfare, which means that only the highest levels of care are adopted here at Leads & Laces. 

It is extremely important to us that you as the owner feels at ease and reassured when your pooch is left in our care. We also want your dog to feel safe and at ease, ensuring that every day is a happy day for your beloved pooch! 


Private, secure land for day care 

Years of animal handling experience 

Fully insured 


I’d like to say if anyone wants to give their dog the absolute best dog walking experience to go to leads and laces. This is an affordable yet high end, fun and great way for any dog to learn the true meaning of ‘walkies’! Not only that but my puppy, Blackbeard, was dried in style by a freshly tumble dried fleece blanket as provided by Anthony. I love my dog, I want him to have a very special and reliable person to walk him-I get all of that with leads and laces plus a real feeling Anthony looks out for Blackbeard’s interests and best wishes as much as I would. Thank you leads and laces-you’re the best! Marley and Blackbeard

Dog Fist Aid & CPR Certificated

Dog Behaviour & Psychology Certificated


It's who we are...

Here at Leads & Laces we have a huge passion for the great outdoors, even in all weathers and we have always been content with animals, so starting up a company of this nature seems only natural. We decided to take our dream up a level and turn our passion for animals and nature into a trustworthy, loyal, friendly and quality business dedicated to doggy happiness. 

We have one of the best locations in the South of England... Surrey, The great outdoors is right on our doorstep, so let your pooch enjoy it with us amongst some new found friends.


Your Pooch will experience the sun, the rain, the wind and the snow, with us by their side, in our dedicated care enjoying his or her time spent with us to the fullest.

Drawn by Painted Paws

Simon | Dog wellbeing consultant



Every service is adapted to each individual dog. 

Members can now BOOK ONLINE


Every dog gets their one care plan - Find out more about our care policy - we will send you a plan form to take a look at. 

Solo walks for your 4-legged friend


Secure and safe private land for your pooch to enjoy, cozy spots to snuggle up and great woodlands to explore. 


Sociable, fun and friendly 


Looking after our habitat 

We always clean up after the pooches and dispose of waste correctly using eco-friendly bags. 

Leads & Microchip Policy

After Dark Policy

Safety lights are used during walks after dark to ensure your dogs safety. 

We always walk dogs with leads attached, including tracking leads for exploring. Removal of leads is sometimes possible with owners consent. All dogs must be Microchipped. Please note: We do not use retractable leads within Leads & Laces. 


Our 4 dog rule

We only ever take a maximum of four dogs per walker at one time on our group walkies. This avoids over crowding, ensuring lots of attention and top safety is given to every pooch. 

Vaccinations and Neutering 

Dogs should be fully up to date with all vaccinations, including kennel cough. Also protected against fleas and worms. Please let us know if your dog is not neutered to ensure safety precautions are taken. 

Complimentary Taxi Service

Free collection and return home service for all dogs with the group walkies, individual walkies and day care services - Within 6 miles of Woking.