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"Are you tired of searching for the perfect dog walker? Do you want your dog walked as if it were you there? Look no further than Leads and Laces!! I speak as a joyous current customer who has been astounded by the professionalism yet complete care and compassion that the owner, Antony, has. 

As you’ll agree trying to find a good dog walker you can trust your dog with is about as easy as finding a good child minder, a lot of hit and miss! Which is why I’m writing this review to stop you having to search any further than here! 

When Anthony and I first met to speak about BB, Antony was extremely smartly dressed with a laptop to log all of BB’s details and emergency contact details down. Other dog walkers I’ve used haven’t even used paperwork at all so I found this extremely professional and a sensible way to hold BB’s information. Anthony himself is a very kind and respectable young man, his calming nature worked wonders with BB who took an instant liking to him when he has been known to be a difficult dog prior to that. No breed, personality or pooch is barred here! Antony is (through experience) trustworthy and will treat your dog like his own and that goes for your house too.

Just before he left Antony created me an online account which is extremely easy to use and lets you book and cancel walks and guess what?! Each walk totals points and the points go towards a free walk, time to get that pooch with a pouch walking with Leads and Laces!

Antony came to walk BB in the morning and still managed to look smart, bright and he was as amiable and gentle mannered as ever. Regardless of your home situation or how you live Anthony  will not judge, he is extremely helpful and has a marvellous personality he takes you for who you are not your circumstances, it’s so refreshing. 

Anthony came to do the first walk and as they came back in (BB is a tiny puppy) BB was shrouded in swaths of a beautiful fleece blanket. I didn’t provide it but Antony takes a freshly tumble dried fleecey blanket out with him for each dog to stop them getting cold and to wipe those muddy paws! When Anthony from Leads and Laces came in from the night time walk, it was dark outside but Anthony carries different sized dog harnesses with a torch light on the front and sides that let out a bright light. Anthony said to me he ‘likes to make sure they’re seen at night, accidents happen so quickly’ I hadn’t even thought of that as an owner so I was quite amazed that such thought had gone into BB’s safety and that such luxury products were on offer to my dog from Leads and Laces. 

I get booking conformations via email when I book my walkies, very handy for any business person on the go, no having to remember if you have someone going in-just login or check your emails!

Anthony takes the best photos of your dog whilst he and your best friend are out, he will send you these and, if you agree, check out your pooch on Instagram, it’s such a community of customer-it’s great.

Overall I would say Leads and Laces is the place to go if you’re taking pet care seriously, it’s an affordable, wonderful, simple, safe and loving business to be coming in and taking your most beloved family member(s) out for their daily exercise. Leads and Laces is also professional and run the business very effectively. I’ve had the most splendid, fabulous and soul warming experience with them so far. As I said above,  BB can be a difficult dog and having him take an instant liking to Anthony was excellent. You can stop looking-let Leads and Laces come in and make your life fantastic and fuss free. I’m delighted with them and will remain a loyal customer for years to come!

Stylish? Yes. Loving? Always. Fun? You bet!"


Belle Quaid and BB

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"First Class Dog Care and peace of mind for any owner. Anthony listens to the needs of both dog and owner and delivers a first class service with putting the dog's needs first every time. A full consultation before you book him so he gets to meet you and the dog. Always a flexible service and will try accommodate at all times. They will integrate any training you might be doing within their service and update on what they are doing and how they are getting on. Fantastic website and ease of online booking. Can not fault their service in any way and fully recommend to anyone wanting help with dog care."

"Probably one of the most professional, caring dog care services you could wish for. Always accommodating, from one on one walks when my dog was a puppy, to day care and boarding, they offer every type of care and I know my dog will be look after with the highest standards and attention. I highly recommend, If you are looking for any type of dog care. Peace of mind always and dog that is happy and content when he returns. Look no further if you need any kind of dog care. Trust worthy and reliable."


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"Great experience with this company, very attentive to dogs requirements and putting owner at ease. Becky"


Couldn’t recommend leads and laces enough! Extremely efficient and professional, and gives me complete piece of mind when I’m working that my little pup is getting looked after and having so much fun! The photo updated of how his day is going is so cute!

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"Anthony is fantastic and very thorough, wanting to know all about our dog and tailoring his walks to his needs. A really friendly and excellent service and we are very pleased!"


I would highly recommend Leads & Laces as a complete home away from home for your pooch. Anthony is extremely thoughtful and professional and gets to know all the dogs and their individual quirks in order to make them as comfortable as possible in a new environment. My dog has spent time at Leads & Laces on several occasions, both overnight and for day care and he never wants to leave when I go to pick him up! As a dog with severe separation anxiety, it’s lovely to see that he feels completely at home and so looked after while in the care of Leads & Laces. Anthony’s own dogs are an absolute delight too, so well behaved and you can see how well they’re looked after. Look no further for Doggy Day Care and/or grooming for your four legged friend(s)!

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I have spent a couple of Doggy Daycare sessions with Anthony and I absolutely loved my time!He made me feel at home and secure as soon as I trotted in and it was really good to make some new friends.I felt safe in the van and thoroughly enjoyed my walks.There was plenty of water to drink when we returned and the sofa was really comfy! I can’t wait to go and play again. Thanks Anthony, Love, Mollie The Lurcher 🐾


Leads and Laces have been absolutely superb over the past few months and I am so glad that I found them. Anthony was extremely professional and caring when we had an initial meet with him, and it has continued in this way. Our dog goes on daily walks with Leads and Laces, has half day care and has has overnight stays too. He is often totally worn out when we get home from work so I know he has had a good run around and socialisation with the other dogs. I was really nervous about using a dog walker as we have previously had poor experience but I could not be more pleased. Anthony's communication is good and he sends lovely pictures too! Thanks again!

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Absolutely love Leads and Laces! My dog has only be going for a couple of weeks and she is having the best time! Anthony is absolutely lovely and extremely accommodating. I work long hours and he does not mind me dropping off my dog really early in the morning. She is very well looked after and extremely tired when I come pick her up. If you are looking for a daycare that is in a home environment, leads and laces is the place!


I’m so impressed with leads and laces, they have been such a delight to deal with and constantly filling me with confidence that my dog is in the best possible hands.


Communication is 10/10

Treatment is 10/10

Value for money 10/10

Website is 10/10


They have supplied a service to the Surrey area that you would only find in the cities which is so refreshing. I’ve been hunting down a company like this for 6 months and I’m so happy with them. I would rate them to anyone who is a little nervous about putting their dog in someone else’s hands! Anthony is the best!

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We are so impressed with Leads and Laces. Anthony makes us feel so secure and confident that our puppy Pepper is in the best hands. Before Pepper started going, he was quite shy around new dogs and people, he is now such a confident boy and loves to play with other dogs, the change in his social skills since coming here is amazing. If you are looking for a fun, caring and reliable place for your dog to go, where their well-being is put first (plus good value for money) - look no further! Big thanks to Anthony and the team for taking such good care of Pepper. Couldn't recommend highly enough! Judging by how excited Pepper gets when he sees Anthony and it's time to go, I know he would give a 10/10 too!


Leads and Laces has been amazing for our two dogs. They have very different personalities and different energy levels and leads and laces have catered for them so well. Our first dog has severe separation anxiety with so much energy, but has taken a shining to Anthony and comes back looking like he's had the best time. Our second dog is quieter and more nervous around new people and dogs, but is slowly coming out of his shell. Thank you Anthony and team!

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Teddy & Dookie

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Anthony and his team have looked after Gibs and Milo since they were puppies. They love running around with all their fur friends as well as playing with the humans!
Anthony and his team took time to get to know Gibs and Milo and this made it very easy for us to know we were right to entrust Leads and Laces to look after our 4 legged family members. Thank you leads and laces.

Milo & Gibs

Lucy our Goldador Pup has been going to Leads&Laces for a few months now and honestly she LOVES it! She waits to be picked up for day care so excitedly and runs out the door to Anthony when she knows it’s him. Seems she prefers to be there than home as she gets so much love and attention and play.
Not only does she love it but we’ve seen an improvement in training too. She goes to her crate for naps now when home and is a lot better at socialising with dogs on walks and not stealing their balls!
When we tell her she’s going to see her friends at Leads&Laces her tail wags so we know she loves it! We would recommend Leads&Laces for day care to anyone who needs a safe friendly environment for their pup to be in!

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Absolutely love Leads and Laces, since moving jobs in September they have been great. They allow us to book Ad hoc around my partners shift pattern up to a month in advance. My dog adores everyone that she has met so far, and I can see a genuine bond between them. Anthony has also worked on her lead walking and I can see a huge improvement. Would definitely recommend them to anyone. 
Picture of my happy pup after a long walk with Anthony.


You know that you have found the right place when your dog actually wants to go back there. Leads and Laces has been absolutely fantastic in helping to socialise my new puppy. The whole team share a real love of dogs. They understand just how special every dog is to its owner. The team work hard to ensure that every dog is kept safe and happy.

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Excellent service! Jarvis is a bit of a sensitive puppy, but Anthony and the team have really helped him to build his confidence. He is a really happy after his sessions there, and I am really happy that he is being so well looked after. Highly recommend!


Our pup Evie has been with Anthony and his team since she was 12 weeks old, and despite being a lockdown puppy she is a confident, happy and sociable dog. Anthony has supported us with her training, is flexible swapping and changing her days around when we need him to and most importantly, Evie loves him. She sits and waits for him at the window twice a week and can't wait to get out of the house and go and play with her friends. I couldn't reccommend them highly enough!

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