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Here at Leads & Laces, we understand the importance of building a professional relationship between client and business. We also believe it is very important that your pooch feels comfortable and familiar with us, which is why we have made it easy for our clients to continue using our services on a regular basis, taking the worry out of animal care when not home whilst building a routine for your furry friend. 


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Group Walkie’s

Pay as you go - £14.00

Membership Plan -  £12.00

Half Daycare

Pay as you go - £31.50

Membership Plan -  £29.50

Full Daycare

Pay as you go - £51.50

Membership Plan -  £49.50


Pay as you go - £22.00

Membership Plan - £20.00

These prices are part of our weekend menu. For a full list of weekday and weekend prices, click here



£69.50 per week

1x Playdate AM or PM

1x Full Daycare 

Image by Victor Grabarczyk


£87.50 per week

1x Half Daycare AM or PM

4x Group Walkies

Image by Lucrezia Carnelos


£52.00 per week

2x Playdate AM or PM

1x Group Walkies

Image by Hyunwon Jang


£60.00 per week

5x Group Walk 



£49.50 per week

1x Half Daycare AM or PM

1x Playdate AM or PM



£88.50 per week

3x Half Daycare AM or PM

Image by Sincerely Media


£187.50 per week

2x Full Daycare

3x Half Daycare AM or PM

Image by Cristofer Jeschke


£49.50 per week

1x Full Daycare 

Image by Arttu Päivinen


£29.50 per week

1x Half Daycare AM or PM

Image by Victor Grabarczyk


£20.00 per week

1x Playdate 

Image by Erda Estremera


£24.00 per week

2x Group Walkie’s

Image by Aaron Barnaby



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The Terms & Conditions for every plan: 

  • Plan payments to be taken out weekly via direct debit

  • Plans guarantee availability - additional bookings made are subject to availability 

  • A £20 weekly fee is chargeable for failed payments, which will be invoiced separately every month. 

  • Every plan is on a rolling, auto-renew three month contract - please inform us two weeks before auto-renew should you wish to cancel your plan.

  • Plan upgrades are acceptable - subject to availability

  • You are entitled to cancel bookings within the three month contract, which will be credited in unused bookings - such credits can be used in addition on alternate days/weeks. However, this is subject to availability and company approval. Weekly Direct Debits will continue to be taken, including the weeks that you have chosen to re-arrange. 

  • If for any reason we (Leads & Laces by APG) have to cancel a booking due to unforeseen circumstances and/or bank holidays - you will be credited loss of bookings, which can be used within your three month contract. 

  • On occasion, due to the date your plan is taken out, you may be asked to pay for your first weeks plan via invoice - which is due at the end of the month invoiced. 


Pawfect Point’s

Welcome points: 50 Points

Follow us in Instagram: 50 points

Like us on Facebook: 50 Points

Submit your Dog’s Birthday: 20 Points

Online Store Purchases: 10 Points for every £1 spent

Full Daycare Booking: 30 Points

Half Daycare Booking: 15 Points

Playdate Booking: 10 Points

Walkie’s Booking: 5 Points

Pawfect Points
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